Douchebag In Land Rover Collides With Car, Runs Red Light While Fleeing Scene

There are better ways to start your day than being the victim of a hit-and-run car accident during your morning commute. Police in Canberra, Australia are on the lookout for the driver of a Land Cruiser who was caught on dashcam footage veering into another car before speeding away.

In the clip that was released by authorities, an unsuspecting motorist can be seen making his way down the street as an SUV pulls out of a parking lot ahead of him.

The Land Cruiser appears to settle in the middle lane, but as the other driver creeps into its blind spot, it suddenly lurches toward the median. Instead of pulling over and owning up to his mistake, however, the inattentive driver runs a red light to flee the scene.

Local police have released the infuriating footage in order to encourage drivers to consider dashcams, as they can help authorities to track down rogue drivers like this one.