Lady Notices Workers Aren’t Watching, Steals iPad And Shamelessly Drives Away

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what kleptomania looks like. An Oklahoma woman is on the run after waltzing into a used car dealership and letting her thirst for theft consume her after realizing that there were no employees present.

Surveillance footage out of Midwest City shows the April 22 incident as it occurred: a woman, described by police as a middle-aged woman with an armband tattoo on her upper left arm, arrived at the dealership under the premise that she wanted to see used cars.

Instead, she quickly cased the joint and noticed that nobody was watching her (other than the security camera, of course). That’s when the woman set her sights on an unattended iPad and started moving in on her prize.

She sidles closer to the pricy tablet and peers both behind her and into the back room before leaning over the counter and grabbing it. The crook then inspects the iPad with a discerning gaze and, finding it to her satisfaction, turns on her heel and walks out the door.