En Garde! Knife Duel Breaks Out As British Neighbors Fight Over Girl

A surreal video out of the UK shows the moment when two fortysomething neighbors became locked in a knife duel after one of the combatants learned that his girlfriend was shacking up with the other guy.

Surveillance footage released by authorities shows 40-year-old Alan Bishop creeping through the front yard of 45-year-old Russell Morris, armed with a six-inch blade and conspicuously shirtless. Morris grabs his own knife and meets Bishop on his front porch, ready to spar.

Bishop opens up with a flurry of frantic swings only to be met by Morris’s lunging thrusts, one of which appears to connect. That’s when Bishop appears to try to fake-out Morris by adopting a “come at me” pose, only to trip and fall on his back when Morris calls his bluff.

Defeated, Bishop appears to submit as a bystander gets involved in an attempt to stop the bloodshed. He gets back on his feet and exchanges a few words with Morris, gesturing to a wound on his chest, before the pair go their separate ways.

Both Bishop and Morris were arrested on the very British-sounding charge of “affray,” or fighting in public, as well as for possessing a “bladed article.” They will each spend 20 months in jail.