KIMBO SLICE YOURE DONE! Ladies, imagine me doing this to that

Guys, stevia makes my 40 year old body faster and more explosive than my 20 year old body, which means since my 35 year old body almost beat the both of ya, Id mow you both down now. If. Carter, if you dont kick me in the nuts again, because youre scared I almost knocked you out on that first punch, and since I own lefties, we could charge money for people to script how to end it, like body shots or head hunting, and in pure standup I could pretend to be Ali and get away with it. Frank, how much money have you made compared to the boxing heavyweight champ? Cuz pure h2os gonna = billions for me, and if you help me get this famous, Ill retire you and your entire family many times over just for helping. Let me know guys.