Keeley Hazell

Posted by Staff on Aug. 09, 2007

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Video of a young artist who freezes time while in a supermarket, undresses all the women, and proceeds to draw them.Just to save you a little bit of your precious NSFW searching time on the internet, go right ahead and fast forward to the 1:08 mark to see the the simply lovely Keeley Hazell naked. It seems like the budding young artist in this film (most likely "Cashback" from 2006) has somehow managed to develop the ability to stop the forward flow of time. He uses this power to pull down the knickers of Keeley and several other attractive women in a grocery store to...draw them. Hmm, alright you lost me there. That's definitely not the first impulse that many horny, pubescent dudes who suddenly realized that they had time warlock powers would have...that's just a guess. Anyway, there's no real reason to complain here, since we are treated to Keeley Hazell with her two loveliest assets on full display. Is Ms. Hazell in the melon aisle or are we just happy to see her?

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