Kat Williams Racist

I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. Kat Williams, best known as having the weirdest hair in the black comedy community, which is saying something, is now best known for being a freaking racist. Apparently he hates Mexicans. Yeah… Kat Williams went on stage in Phoenix and made some pretty harsh racial comments about Mexicans. Hey here’s an idea, can someone get Tyler Perry to say a few racial slurs against Asians or something so we can finally get that guy off TV. Meet the Browns? No thanks. But I digress… The Kat Williams video is pretty poor quality and I can’t really hear what he says, because he keeps walking around in a circle on stage like a drunken racist merry go round. Now according to an Overweight Mexican gentleman in the front row with a shaved head and Triple X white T-shirt and the Mexican gang symbols he was flashing in the air I can tell his remarks were not of the PC type. The Mexican American community is pissed, but so was the black community when Kramer went all KKK, so in effect we can all hope that Kat’s career will go in a similar direction because I saw First Sunday. Even Ice Cube deleted that one off his IMDB and he was in Triple X State of the Union. I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed.