Badass Karate Teacher Stops Motorcycle Thieves With Nunchucks

The thing about being a crook is that you never know what kind of heat your victims are packing. One pair of motorcycle thieves in London were definitely caught off-guard when the bike’s owner accosted them with karate movie-style nunchucks.

Surveillance video shows the 46-year-old ninja after he spotted the two ruffians and ran out to scare them off, martial arts weapon in hand. Unfortunately, one of the thugs quickly managed to disarm him and used the exotic flail against the bike owner, injuring his hand.

That doesn’t stop the man from bull-rushing the thug and pushing him against a parked car, where he manages to get his nunchucks back just before the robber’s accomplice and a friendly neighbor join the brawl.

The sight of the re-armed sensei proves too much for the robbers to bear: they quickly turn tail and flee as the bike owner adopts a threatening pose.

Now, police in south London are looking for the thugs, who’d better hope that they get arrested before the Nunchucks Ninja tracks them down.