Kaley Cuoco Hot Pants Dancing

News Update March 27, 2012: Rumor has it that Kaley Cuoco is moving on from her ex-fiance. The Big Bang Theory star has been seen cuddling up to an unnamed new man.

News Update March 19, 2012: Cuoco should know better than to fall asleep on the set of The Big Bang Theory. The blond star was the subject of pranks pulled by her cast mates while she slept in a chair on the set.

News Update March 16, 2012: Kaley Cuoco is not only hot shes also thrifty. in a recent article on stars who dont live lavishly it was revealed that instead of buying a mega-mansion the sitcom star purchased a modest house when she first found fame. Proving that she does have the smarts of her co-stars on The Big Bang Theory.

News Update March 15, 2012: Cuoco might be a little smarter after sharing the stage with physicist, and smartest person on the planet, Stephen Hawking. The acclaimed scientist had a cameo on the hit show The Big Band Theory.

Just mute this video and watch Kaley shaking her moneymaker in leather hot pants.