Meth Head In Blackface Has Hilariously Pathetic Interaction With Police In Texas

Bodycam footage out of Texas captured a bizarre encounter between police officers and a man covered in dark-colored body paint in an apparent attempt at blackface.

The Denton Police Department released a video showing what an incredibly patient cop went through when he went face to face with 25-year-old Joseph Augustini. Authorities had received several reports about a suspicious person darting through traffic in the area, but they were not prepared for this dude.

Clearly high as a kite, Augustini demands officers to give him “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” as they attempt to figure out why he is wearing so much body paint.

“Take off your gun, because I don’t trust you,” Augustini can be heard telling the officer. “Take off your gun and tell me I am free to go, right now.”

“Why are you in my circle right now?” he later inquires.

When police finally grow tired of Augustini’s antics and move in to detain him, he begins to scream out for a “witness.”

“Are you trying to assassinate me, Denton Police Texas? Yes or no,” he frantically asks. Augustini was hauled off to the Denton County Jail, where he was found to have drug paraphernalia on him and tested positive for amphetamines. What a surprise!