Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is in the UK filming a Vampire movie called “Dark Shadows” with film director Tim Burton. Finally… our prayers have been answered and somebody has the courage to make a vampire movie. Boy, I hope it's not scary. What's that it's a soap opera?! PHEW!! Pictures were recently taken of Johnny in character on set and it revealed that he is wearing pancaked white makeup, bright red lips, blue glasses and a goofy hat… This picture begs the question… “Isn’t that just real Johnny Depp?” While Depp has taken some liberties with the character, he assures fans he will stay true-ish to the original character, personally I would like to congratulate Johnny Depp for testing himself on this one, and going so far outside of his comfort zone (sneezing) Alice and Wonderland! Edward Scissor Hands! Sweeny Todd! Excuse me, my predictable allergy must be acting up again.