Jim Thome 600th HR

Guess who’s trending?? A professional athlete who hasn’t used illegal drugs!! Jim Thome, who’s known for being one of the nicest guys in the game as much as he is for his Paul Bunyan like swing, reached the 600 home run plateau late Monday night, joining only 7 other plays in Major League Baseball history to have 600 or more home runs. Best part is, his name has never come up the Mitchell Report or any other drug controversy. Why? Because he looks like the offspring of Thor and an Ox. He’s got a nig ole’ dome on him. So besides joining the 600 home run club with legends Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, and Ken Griffey Jr, the rest of the 600 Club has a few question marks around them: A-Rod-Steroids, Sammy Sosa-Steroids & whitening cream, and last but not least-Barry Bonds-I don’t know what he used, but whatever farmers use to grow a 24 lb turkey, that was in his system. So congrats Jim Thome, we’ll see you in the Hall of Fame!