Insane Man Films Police Chasing Him, Brags About How Long He's Going To Prison

A man locked in a high-speed chase with police – who was already wanted for a parole violation – took out a smart phone to record his “last ride” before inevitably landing behind bars. 

Jessie M. Smith had a warrant out for his arrest in California for a weapons parole violation, but nevertheless, he traveled to Akron, Ohio to visit his girlfriend. However, his girlfriend had set up a protection order against Smith and called the police when he assaulted her and stole her car.

Police were able to quickly track Smith down in his girlfriend's stolen Honda Civic. Smith, realizing there was no escape, grabbed his girlfriend's phone and began filming.

“I'm about to go down for 10 or better, five or better at least,” Smith bragged, barely audible above blaring music. At times, Smith stuck the cellphone out of the sunroof to get a better view of the police in pursuit. He also talked about his criminal history, claiming that he had been “doing this stuff since he was thirteen or fourteen years old.”

According to police, Smith's antics reveal a blatant disregard for the safety of local residents. Smith nearly collided with an ambulance as it attempted to cross one intersection, but the emergency vehicle was able to clear Smith's paths just moments before a potentially tragic accident could take place.

When police finally managed to catch up to Smith, he surrendered himself into their custody. He faces charges for violating both his California parole and his Ohio protection order, as well as additional felony charges for willful fleeing and obstructing official business.