Jay-Z Vs. Chris Brown

Hi, I’m Shannon Hatch and you’re watching Newsfeed! The VMA’s aired Sunday and Chris Brown delivered the most talked about live performance of the night, receiving standing ovations from the likes of Justin Bieber and Kanye West, but when the camera panned to Jay-Z, he was sitting in his seat, refusing to clap, and everyone wants to know why. I’ll tell you why. Because he’s Jay-Z and he can do whatever the hell he wants! If Jay-Z wants to steal the microphone away from Kanye during his acceptance speech and beat Chris Brown with it until Taylor Swift breaks it up…he can! He’s Jay-Z. He just impregnated Beyonce! The World is he Oyster! It’s also possible he didn’t clap because Chris Brown’s a douche and a woman beater, but that’s beside the point, he’s Jay-Z!