During the NBA Lockout, a number of players are picking up side projects to keep them busy. Ron Artest tried to change his name and do stand-up comedy, Blake Griffin took an internship at Funny or Die, and Javaris Crittenton, well he started shooting people. A warrant is out for the 2007 1st round draft pick for the shooting death of a 22 year-old woman in Atlanta over the weekend. Now as unfortunate as this situation is, it cant come as a surprise. Crittenton got in trouble with Gilbert Arenas a few years ago for bringing guns into the Washington Wizards lockerroom, and he clearly never got rid of them. The team that drafted him in the 1st round back in 2007, the LA Lakers, admitted that it was a huge mistake and they should've paid closer attention to the scouting report in Crittenton before drafting him. As a matter of fact, I've attained the scouting report. Let's see...solid mid-range jumper, great vertical, drives strong to the hole, oh see, here ya go, tendency to murder people. It's listed right here under Intangibles. Well, looks like Javaris Crittenton's next TV appearance will be on Lockup.