Jamie Chung in Hangover 2

Posted by Break.com Staff on May. 25, 2011

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Jamie Chung in Hangover 2 on Newsfeed - If you’re looking forward to the Hangover 2 as much as I am then I’ll give you a little something more to look forward to… Jamie Chung. She’s a reality star from The Real World: San Diego and recently played “Hot Asian Girl” in Sucker Punch. When I heard she was in the movie I figured, she’s going to play a Bangkok Stripper, but nope she’s playing Ed Helms’ fiancé, which gives me hope that one day I can marry a beautiful Asian Reality star… My choice was Tila Tequila, but then I decided I don’t want to die of a super ultra STD she downloaded off MySpace.With all the things to look forward to seeing in Hangover II here is another added bonus. The insanely hot Jamie Chung is playing Ed Helms' finance.

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