Terrifying Scene Where Jail Inmates Viciously Attack Correctional Officers

Here’s a great way to not only extend your prison sentence but also to make sure you’re treated as poorly as possible by the correctional officers. Surveillance footage out of Cook County shows the moment when three maximum security inmates began wailing on two deputies as they attempted to escape the onslaught.

The ordeal began at around 8:30 pm on Wednesday, when two correctional deputies were trying to exit Division 9, the super maximum facility. Nineteen-year-old David Bush, 20-year-old Taiwan McNeal, and 20-year-old Terrence Lynom suddenly began attacking the officers, trapping them against the wall as they hurled out punch after punch.

Finally, the deputies are able to get free and call for backup, prompting around a dozen more correctional officers to storm Division 9 and place everybody back in their cells.

The two victims were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment, where one of them was treated for a fractured orbital and the other slipped in and out of consciousness.

Now, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart is seeking attempted murder charge for the three inmates, all of whom have had multiple disciplinary incidents since they began their prison stint. An investigation is ongoing.