J*** in my Pants

Posted by twindragon on Dec. 07, 2008

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SNL does it again with this hilarious Jizz in my Pants video. From the guys who brought you chronicWhatcles of narnia comes a great video about untimely ejaculation. A couple of guys who are "sensitive" to the ladies and cause regular wardrobe changes. Rubber underwear seem to have a whole new target consumer thanks to their secretion problem in this funny video. What will they think of next to one-up this Jizz in my Pants video?This video makes jizz in my pants funnier than ever before. The geniuses from the lonely island and SNL craft a song worthy of the club about an affliction you hope doesn't happen at the club. Or the supermarket, or anywhere else for that matter. Turning awkward moments into comedy video they strike comedy gold again with jizz in my pants.

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