“It’s From Digging In My Butt!” Criminal Explains Where Green Slop Came From

The Oklahoma City Police Department was hesitant to order body cameras for its law enforcement officers, but this latest case makes the decision worthwhile: an apparent drug mule spit up drugs that he had hidden in his rear end after officers received complaints that the man had been obstructing traffic.

Antonio Jackson, 29, was arrested on January 18 after police received several reports of a man harassing drivers and acting belligerent in the middle of the street. When officers arrived on the scene and asked Jackson to remove his hands from his pockets, he did not comply with their orders.

That’s when officers were forced to wrestle Jackson to the ground and place him under arrest. They could smell marijuana but were not immediately able to determine where the scent was coming from.

Later, when Jackson was being booked, he spit out what could only be described as a “wet, green slop,” which he told officers was the result of his “digging in my butt on the way down here.”

Jackson eventually faced charges of obstructing an officer, possession of marijuana, and public intoxication. He was also slapped with a charge of first-degree burglary in relation to his bizarre crimes.