Intense Footage Of Arrest Following Foot Chase. Now Suspect Wants To Sue.

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, have released intense bodycam footage that shows an officer taking down a suspect who was accused of forcing the cop into oncoming traffic before sprinting away to elude capture.

The incident took place in March of last year, when the car that James Yarborough was riding in as a passenger was pulled over. Yarborough fled from police, forcing Officer Jon Dunham to give chase in a pursuit that lasted several minutes.

As you can see in the bodycam footage, as Yarborough tries to break free two more officers join Dunham in helping to subdue the suspect, holding his arms down as Dunham attempts to place him under arrest.

In a statement, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department stood by Dunham��s actions, noting that the “totality of the events” excused his use of force and adding that the cop was recommended to receive “additional verbal communication training.” He later resigned from the force.

Now, Yarborough – who has spent 16 years in prison after having been arrested multiple times previously – is searching for an attorney so that he can sue the police department, claiming that he was traumatized by the takedown.