Insane Woman Runs Over Cop Trying To Arrest Her

A Georgia woman desperate to avoid imprisonment over a felony warrant has ended up in jail after she ran over a cop who attempted to arrest her.

The terrifying incident took place on Saturday when 28-year-old Jessica Fox was stopped by Statham Police Officer Mark Lofton. When Fox refused to surrender to Lofton, the officer was forced to use his stun gun, but she still did not comply.

Fox began to speed away, forcing Lofton to cling to the inside of the car to avoid being pulled under. He managed to hold on for several moments before the accelerating car threw him to the asphalt. Fox mercilessly continued to drive, crushing Lofton’s legs in the process.

Miraculously, Lofton only suffered a concussion and a torn Achilles tendon as a result of the gruesome ordeal and has been released from the hospital. Fox was arrested in Barrow County, northeast of Atlanta.

“I was very, very relieved that she was caught because, you know, if she’ll do this to a police officer, think of what she’ll do to a normal person,” Lofton told WSB-TV.

Fox, who has been arrested on drug charges several times prior to the incident, faces a slew of charges — including aggravated assault on a police officer and attempting to elude law enforcement.