Insane Man Rides Moped Wrong Way Down Highway After Stealing Cell Phones

There are few words capable of describing the stupidity of some people out there. Shocking helicopter footage out of England shows the moment when a man accused of stealing cell phones attempted to elude capture by riding his moped in the middle of the highway – AGAINST TRAFFIC.

Runaway bandit Zuriel Hutson, 21, can be seen trying to stay within a nonexistent shoulder lane as he attempts to merge onto the highway, multiple zooming cars nearly obliterating him in the process.

Later, the death-defying thief weaves in and out of the way of gobsmacked drivers until he veers too close to a vehicle, sending him skidding across the asphalt. Hutson manages to dust himself off and hop back on the bike, this time wising up and maneuvering to the shoulder lane before continuing his daring wrong-way escape.

Hutson was eventually tracked down along with his accomplice, 22-year-old Sharuk Sheraji. The pair was accused of stealing 18 phones from victims in London and surrounding areas; Hutson was slapped with a 30-month prison sentence while Sheraji will serve two years.