Amazing Footage Of Injured Backcountry Skier Getting Rescued By Helicopter

A backcountry skier in California definitely owes his well-being – and possibly his life – to the California Highway Patrol after authorities came to the rescue when he injured his leg and could not make it back to civilization.

The incident took place on January 27, when a group of four friends decided to go backcountry skiing near the Boreal Mountain Resort west of Truckee. One of the friends ended up hurting his leg so badly that the group called for help.

They were eventually found near Flora Lake at a spot that is approximately 7,500 feet above sea level.

Video from the rescue shows a CHP Helicopter 20 (H-20) crew arriving at the scene with a special hoist rescue harness prepared. One of the patrolmen lowers himself down to attach the harness to the victim and pull him safely to the helicopter.

Fortunately, the rescue went off without a hitch and the victim was transported back to the Command Post, where a Truckee Fire Department ambulance then took him to a nearby hospital for treatment.