Cop Slams Teen Into Wall After Smart Answer About ID

An Indiana police officer has been placed on desk duty after being caught on cell phone video slamming a 17-year-old boy into a wall. Now, his department has launched an investigation to determine whether the violent outburst will be punished further.

In the footage of the incident, which took place during a house raid in Indianapolis, the cop can be seen patting down the handcuffed teen before asking him to produce identification. The teen replies, “I don't have ID on me because I'm in my house.”

The cop immediately becomes angry and throws the teen into a wall with a loud thump. “You ARE in your house, and right now, you're being detained,” he barks. “So if I were you I'd shut your (censored) mouth. We're in charge here, you're not.”

According to a statement from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the officer's hot temper has landed him in trouble. 

“The involved officer was placed on administrative duty, which prevents him from using his police powers,” the statement read. “His gun, badge, and police identification were surrendered until the internal investigation is complete.”

No word has surfaced as to the reason for the house raid or whether the teen was charged with a crime.

(Souce: Fox59)