Incredibly Lucky Guy!

Posted by FawltyTowersSuck on Sep. 22, 2009

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The guy in this video is one very lucky guy. A bus careens into a parked van mere inches away from this blessed man. He certainly has someone upstairs looking out for him. And by that I mean his upstairs neighbor Mrs. Vorstaich. She's a Russian gypsy. She's in love him, so she gave him a good luck charm. Luck explained. Now all we have to do is find our own Russian gypsies. Win their affections. Cause a bus crash. And boom, fame! Sounds like a simple enough plan to me. Hopefully we're all half as lucky as the lucky guy in this video!The good fortune of the Irish, French, Lebanese, Sudanese, Brazilians, and Dutch must all be on the side of this lucky guy who dodges near death in this video. In an incredible act of fate the man is saved by a telephone pole. The exact same pole that killed his father 10 years earlier. Okay maybe that's not true, but it doesn't change the amazing luck of the guy in this clip.

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