Idiot Cop Caught Stealing Money. How? His Own Bodycam!

Two wrongs clearly don’t make a right: a Florida police officer is in hot water after he was caught on his own body cam stealing hundreds of dollars from a man that he had just arrested for driving under the influence.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy John Braman was caught red-handed as he attempted to pocket two $100 bills belonging to a suspect arrested for a DUI in Ormond Beach.

Braman’s superior, Sheriff Mike Chitwood, blasted him as a “thieving idiot” for snatching the hundred-dollar bills and noted that the sticky-fingered cop had already received several complaints for purloining money from people he had just arrested.

Now, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is pursuing a criminal investigation of Braman, who was placed on administrative leave after the latest incident took place. He resigned a few days after his greedy actions were caught on body cam footage for the world to see.

Before being assigned to road patrol, Braman – a 10-year employee of the sheriff’s office – had been hired by the department as a motorcycle deputy.