I Fart, You Fart, They Fart! Everybody Farts!

WHEN YOU SHOULD NEVER FART:1. Inside a crowded Lift.2. Inside a public library.3. On a crowded train.4. Whilst giving a speech.5. In Church.6. Whilst on a date.7. In a packed lecture theatre.8. In your office.9. At a cinema.10. In a walk-in freezer - itll linger a while11. In a ticket line.13. On an airplane.14. During confession15. In the bed, whilst feeling frisky.16. In bed when youre feeling frisky17. While fighting fire in a burning building19. In a patrol car for a minor violationWHEN TO FART:1. Bosses office as you are about to leave. - best to make sure its silent but violent.2. In a bathroom.3. In the cashiers line - its bound to speed things up.4. The empty elevator before you get off.5. Beside an occupied dressing room - no doubt itll quickly become unnocupied.6. Your co-workers cubicle at the office.7. When deep sea diving.8. Back seat of the Police Mobile after being arrested.9. In your car if youve been carjacked.10. During a pie ea