Hungry Thug Knocks Out Deliveryman To Steal Pizza

Police in New York City are searching for a mugger who made off with several pizzas after he sucker-punched an unsuspecting deliveryman, leaving him unconscious on the sidewalk.

The incident took place outside of a Domino’s Pizza, where the mugger had previously been locked in a heated argument with employees that were safely behind protective glass. Surveillance footage shows the man angrily yelling and gesturing at his cell phone.

A few minutes later, the man can be seen outside of the store as a pizza guy makes his way back inside. The irate customer approaches the deliveryman and exchanges a few menacing words before socking him with a wild punch and sending him to the ground. He then picks up two pizza delivery bags and sprints away.

Anyone with information leading to the suspect’s arrest is encouraged to call Crimestoppers with a confidential tip. There could be some free pizza in it for the Good Samaritans out there!