How UPS Plans To Use Drones To Increase The Speed Of Their Deliveries

Futurologists have been predicting that drones will eventually replace humans in the world of package delivery for years, but now UPS has unveiled a new system that could see man and robot work together in the name of getting parcels into the right hands.

Cool new technology would allow individual drivers to make multiple deliveries simultaneous by employing drones that fly autonomously to their intended destination. While the driver makes traditional deliveries, a self-piloted drone would seamlessly transport goods to other recipients with next to no human input.

According to UPS, the use of drones could help speed up rural deliveries and reduce their cost, as drivers would not need to clock more miles to make fewer deliveries when compared to urban centers.

In response to concerns that the drone technology could eventually eliminate the need for human delivery truck drivers, UPS has adopted a wait-and-see approach, claiming that it will not be able to see the big picture until drones are implemented on a larger scale.

UPS’s inaugural home delivery tests took place this week in Lithia, Florida, which saw the drone take off from the truck’s roof, deliver the package, and return to the truck – all with minimal babysitting on the part of the driver.