How to Recycle an Old Drawing

An instructional video by tradigital artist Merrill Kazanjian Step 1- Scan the image Step 2- Open the scanned image in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop and cut out your favorite part. In this instance I chose the head of the closest character. I liked the face that I drew but I decided to change the hairstyle. I always liked NBA all star Ben Wallace's hair so I will use the digital scissor to cut it out. Step 3- Print Step 4- I use illustration markers and color pencils to give my old drawing a new look. For this image, I have combined traditional and digital media over an old pencil sketch. The sketchbook that it was in was taking up space in my studio and I hadn't looked at it for years. I wasnt in the mood to start a new drawing today so I decided to experiment and give new life to an old drawing. Jackson Pollock said over 50 years ago- New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements... the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, t