How To Love Yourself...AFRO-mations Part One

Posted by Creepy-Caress on Jun. 17, 2013

A Creepy Caress is the brain child of comedians Brenda Colonna and Candice Thompson. Subscribe- http-// Like Creepy Caress on Facebook- http-// Follow Creepy Caress on Twitter- http-// // Creepy Caress Is variety show is a combination of character-based, parody and blackout sketches that make light of dark and uncomfortable situations in an exaggerated way. WHAT is this sketch, AFRO-mations? The 70's often give us the false sense that during that time, confidence flowed like cocaine through the vents of Studio 54. But that just ain't true. Sometimes, behind those giant afros, laid a whole lot of pain and daily affirmations were needed to remind people how fantastic they were. So, Creepy Caress invites you to watch this lost inspirational video. Tap into your inner afro. And tap into love. Self esteem is everything. We are all amazing in our own way, but sometimes life and our afros can get in the way. Even the most confident of people need daily reminders of how great they are. 'Daily Afro-mations'; reminds you that despite some interesting fashion choices in the 70s, God doesn't make mistakes. If you've ever struggled with loving yourself, use this as a positive tool to teach you how to smile and to love what God gave you...even if it's a big, hot and nappy

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