How to Lose Weight

As summer nears losing weight is all the rage again. I know trying to fit into my speedo every summer is a concern. But apparently losing weight makes you look old. So says international sex symbol Nigella Lawson. Most Americans don’t know her, but she’s a full figured, sexy British chef, who’s almost porn cooking shows are must watch TV. Basically if Paula Dean tried to bang her audience on her show she’d be Nigella Lawson. She was seen at an Australian Beach in a Burkini, yep a Burkini, which is a full-length bathing suit worn by Muslim women. Nigella said the only parts of my body that are thin are my waist, ankles and wrists hence the Burkini. So her advice, don’t lose weight, go to the beach in a muslim wet suit and look great. Sounds like Kirstie Alley has a new best friend and Jenny Craig has a new sworn enemy.