How To Get A Prom Date

How to get a prom date on Newsfeed – If you are asking me about how to get a prom date, you have clearly hit a low point in your life. But not to worry because I have three sure-fire ways for you to not end up as the guy who has to pretend he never wanted to go prom even though he rented a suit and limo already. OK, first, make sure the person you ask knows who you are – asking out strangers to prom may work in movies, but it leads to awkward rejection in real life. Secondly, ask out the person you want to in a fun, creative way, such as balloons, scavenger hunts or in my case, a $50 gift card to their favorite store, Cinnabun! It’s not a bribe if nobody knows about it! And finally, just because she said yes doesn’t mean she can’t say no later, so don’t wear a tophat and a cane. Have a great Prom!