How to Freak Dance, How to Grind

pg-13 version. We are grinding about half the time, the other half we are just messing around having fun. The nastier version will be out shortly!http://www.ClubDanceLessons.Comhttp://www.FarEastMovement.comMusic: Far East Movement "Boomshake" Chi is an International Club Dance, Hip Hop, GoGo and Salsa Instructor. He has danced with Asias top pop artists such as Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom. With over 8000 hours of clubbing in North America, Europe, Asia; and 10 years of dance training with CADC, Culture Shock, Kaba Modern, Majesty in Motion, Junior & Emily Alabi,Team Breed; Chi "Groove" Szeto teaches you popular, fun moves step by step in these instructional videos.I teach seminars internationally. Add me online, and send me a message with your email so I can let you know when Im in your area!Dance@Chihoe.comGoogle: ChihoeMSN: Chihoe@hotmail.comYahoo: ClubDancekingSkype: Chi.Szeto