How to be happy - resilience & stress management tips

Posted by Rahul-Sharma-659 on Jun. 11, 2013

How to be happy in life. Practical stress management tips & resilience tips for staying happy, positive, healthy and sane with Mark Walsh of Integration Training and Achilles. The basics of how to be happy - exercise and sleep, centring , cognitive reframing, gratitude, social support and humour are discussed. http-// http-// cover the physical basics - stuff my mum said - food, sleep, water, toxin intake, also touch. Need to have a minimum in in all of these - you can't cheat your basic biological system social support and empathy centre reframe your thoughts - realistic optimism, avoid resentment and victim thinking. It's ourt thinking about events not the events themselves that creates stress acceptance - illusion of control and this is stressful play and recreation exercise - relaxed like tai chi or yoga, or fast like squash or running to burn off some energy Meditate - evidence

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