How to Avoid Twitter Hackers

How to Avoid Twitter Hackers on Newsfeed – In the wake of the Weiner Twitter disaster people are in a flurry to protect their twitter account from being hacked. Here are 3 tips from a guy who never wants a sex tape accidentally released via twitter, because my Mom would be pissed. First, have a strong password, so if your username is ILoveBoobs69 don’t make your password Iloveboobs69, that’s just obvious. Second, use a trusted app like tweetdeck or hootsuite, steer clear of apps possibly named Tweethacker and Virustweets and 3rd, don’t give your password to anyone. Now I know she’s cute and you trust her and she looks great in that red bikini, but if you met her in a chat room and she got naked on your first date she’s probably a hooker looking to steal your identity. I’ve seen it a hundred times. And for chrissakes stop taking pictures of your junk!