Breaking The Fourth Wall Prank

House of Cards Season 4 is out and you’re bingeing it, but this is the House of Cards prank. Ever wonder what Frank Underwood would be like In Real Life? How about if you could Break the Fourth Wall in real life? That’s what this House of Cards Prank Fourth Wall Breaking Experiment sets out to investigate. On House of Cards, Frank Underwood breaks the 4th wall to reveal his true thoughts and often his criminal realities. Now if Frank Underwood did that in real life, people would probably hear what he was saying and might have issue with it. However, Frank does wear a nice suit… Do you think that’s enough to make a difference? Well, in this House of Cards Social Experiment / House of Cards Prank, we find out if a man dresses up in a suit, a la Frank Underwood, and blatantly reveals the truth about crimes he’s about to commit, a la Frank Underwood breaking the fourth wall, how do people react? Do they stop him from committing those crimes or do they let him do it because he’s wearing a nice suit? It could be only Kevin Spacey and his Netflix magic that can pull this off, but watch the video to see if Mark Schroeder can pull it off too. Oh, and don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Claire Underwood… she’s in there too. This season is all about powerful Claire Underwood moments, especially Claire vs Francis, but this video pairs them up to see what crimes they can achieve together… ah, like the early days of House of Cards season 1. All right, get ready to Netflix and chill, it’s the House of Cards Prank, Frank Underwood IN REAL LIFE.