HotBabes Test Bras on a Roller Coaster

Posted by theladyzman on Jun. 18, 2009

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If you’re going to test a bra you might as well have a bunch of hotbabes testing them on a roller coaster! This video is the epitome of titty. Ten super hot models on roller coaster testing the support of their sexy bras. Several flips and turns and all of these hotbabes titties stay in place. This video really separates the real boobs from the fakes. Some of these boobies jiggle but some of them just stand still even on a five G turn. Now this is what I call a thrill ride!This is one of the best videos to come our way. Who would have thought that getting about a dozen hot babes to ride a roller coaster in their bras and panties would be so successful? To top it all off they all have English accents which would make any man go wild. They should start an under wear only theme park for adults.

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