Hot Model Falls Off Catwalk Into Pool

We love watching hot models walk, but we love watching them fall even more. Everyone knew this brunette hottie was going to make a big splash in the world of fashion someday. Either that or she’s all washed up.

Seriously, every fashion show model should eat a little bit more just in case something like this happens to them. Skinny people do not float well, and who knows how deep that little pond around the catwalk is? Too bad the summer line she was modeling didn’t incorporate flotation devices of any kind.

Watching catwalk models take a tumble seems to be more satisfying than a regular hot girl failing for a few reasons. One, fashion shows are somehow both vapid and pretentious, and it’s always nice to see people like that get knocked down a peg or two. Two, most of the models are wearing ridiculous shoes, which make all of their tottering before the fall extra hilarious. But when you manage to incorporate a pool into the model