Hot Love From Top Gun Song

Posted by holytaco on Nov. 04, 2009

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I will never forget how much hot love my girlfriend gave me after we watched the scene in Top Gun where Tom Cruise woos sexy Kelly McGillis with his rendition of She's Lost That Loving Feeling. Apparently this inspires women to want to make sexy time with their men. But Maverick doing it is one thing. A drunk guy wearing a skipper hat creeping around on the beach with a video camera, however, is just setting himself up for a FAIL. Also, this guy doesn't have Goose there to back him up. Luckily, there are plenty of other drunk guys to chime in on the classic. So maybe it doesn't have the same appeal as the Top Gun scene, but there is still a bit of charm in this video. The skipper manages to get an entire boat full of people to sing the hit in unison. In the end, this somehow manages to score him some hot love with two beautiful chicks in bikinis.Spring Break means drunk hot chicks in bikinis. It also means nerds combing the beach begging for some hot love from a drunk chick. I'll give this skipper props for at least being creative while trying to get his swerve on by singing the Top Gun song. He also gets points for having his own microphone speaker system.

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