Hot Girl Crashes Through Table

Posted by DJTrumped on Jul. 06, 2010

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Looks like she failed the weigh-in for this strip poker game. Maybe next time she should just strip down before the poker game begins. That way we all win! It sucks to see her go, but the rules exist for a reason.In this video, a drunk bikini girl crashes through a table as her sexy friend who is also in a bikini is taking body shots off her stomach and all of the sudden BOOM! The table collapses with the girl in her swimsuit on top of it. When she realizes that shes on the ground, her boyfriend decides to give her another shot. Don't they know that liquor is just liquid calories, and next time she might bust through the floor? Now you know how a drunk bikini girl crashes through table.

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Tags bikini, bikini girl, break table, crash, girl, table fail

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