Horse Video: Horse Tries To Mount Cowgirl AND Horse

It seems like every horse video ends up with horses doing some kind of bodily harm to humans, but I am OK with that. This horse just found out the painful truth about three-ways: One person always ends up feeling hurt. It’s even worse when equestrians are involved, for a variety of reasons that I don’t need to state here.

At first, it almost seems like this is all part of some horse jumping trick that goes hilariously wrong when everyone realizes that the horse is actually just feeling very frisky. It could be a pretty run-of-the-mill horse humping video, but then things get a little ugly. In fact, it may be the first dual horse sex and horse riding fail in the history of the internet.

There is no information as to what sort of ceremony in which these horses and pretty ladies happen to be participating, but it must be some sort of community festival or pageant. Surely, this kind of thing has happened before. The same way that bul