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How to Home Remedies for Asthma. Natural Asthma Home Remedies. Before modern medicine was invented, asthma cures were often experienced using diet supplements that over the years have become well known Asthma home remedies. An asthma home remedy was often used to treat asthmatics, and some of the remedies proved to be quite effective. Below are 5 easy to get a hold of, diet supplements for you to use and maybe you will find the perfect Asthma home remedy that suits you, and maybe give you that welcome asthma cure you've been looking for. All of the diet supplements have all been tried and tested over a number of years, but you should remember that if you are using any type of asthma home remedy to find that elusive asthma cure, your prescribed medications should never be discontinued unless on the advice of your doctor. Honey is said to be a very efficient asthma home remedy in it's treatment of the condition. The aroma from a jar of honey if held under the nose of an asthmatic is supposed to be an ef

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