Strange Moment Hitchhiker Jumps From Car Involved In Police Chase

Police in Arizona have released dashcam footage from a bizarre police chase that started with a routine traffic stop and ended with the suspect firing at police – not to mention an innocent hitchhiker that found himself caught up in the debacle.

The incident began when a deputy pulled over 31-year-old John Freeman for driving a stolen car. Dashcam footage from a backup unit shows the primary deputy sprinting back to his car when Freeman suddenly drives away, kicking off a high-speed pursuit.

A few moments later, Freeman can be seen pulling off into the shoulder lane and letting a passenger slump out of the car and onto the highway. Although he is initially treated as an accomplice and taken into custody, police later determined that he was simply a hitchhiker who caught a ride with Freeman without realizing that he was sitting next to a car thief.

The first deputy eventually managed to track down Freeman and place him under arrest, but not before he fired a shot at the cop, as well as at an RV. Now, Freeman faces a slew of felony charges in relation to the incident, and a second suspect who was sitting in the back of the vehicle was also arrested.

The hitchhiker, however, faces no charges and his identity will not be released.