Hipster Burglar Caught Stealing From Trendy Brooklyn Eatery

So that’s how those hipster Williamsburg baristas can afford their fancy MacBooks and gentrified apartments! A scraggly-bearded burglar was caught on surveillance footage as he ransacked a Brooklyn restaurant and made off with thousands of dollars.

The incident took place on April 3rd at the Pokito restaurant, where police claim that the suspect simply waltzed in the front door before sniffing out the goods.

He can be seen holding a flashlight and snooping behind the counter before eventually locating $980 in cash and another $2,000 in checks. The hipster bandit then fled the scene the same way he came in.

Police have described the suspect as an adult male who stands approximately 6’0” tall, weighs around 200 lbs, and sports a long beard. They also noted that he has curly blonde hair.

Anyone with information about the hipster hooligan is encouraged to phone an anonymous tip before he knocks over something like an organic coffee shop or a vintage clothing store.