High-Speed Police Chase On Icy Roads Ends With A Spectacular Crash

Well, that’s about how anyone should expect a high-speed chase to go when the road is covered in snow and ice. Dashcam footage out of Michigan shows the moment when a failed fugitive ended up careening into a snowbank after attempting to elude police capture.

A Marquette County Sheriff’s deputy was chasing a vehicle that was found to have been driving in the wrong lane at speeds upwards of 70 mph. When the cop moved in to place him under arrest, the driver took it as a challenge.

It wasn’t long before the idiocy of that decision came to light: the fleeing car can be seen barreling straight through a T-intersection without turning, only to end up flipped and stranded on top of a very cold hill.

Local officials confirmed that the 22-year-old driver was not injured in the accident, but they did make sure to note that he will face charges of drunk driving and fleeing from police for his dangerous antics.