Ouch! High-Speed Police Chase Ends With A Violent Crash

Intense aerial footage out of California captured the abrupt end to a high-speed chase involving the Los Angeles Police Department and a driver who was suspected of driving a stolen white Acura.

In the clip, the fugitive driver can be seen speeding down the road when it suddenly curves. Halfway through the curve, the driver loses control of the vehicle and sends it lurching into the opposite lane, where it collides head-on with an oncoming black sedan.

Plumes of smoke can be seen gushing from the stolen car’s engine compartment as police pull up from behind and begin to move in to apprehend the suspect. Moments later, the man who was driving the black sedan cautiously gets out of his car and runs to the aid of his 6-year-old son.

Initial reports indicated that the father and son were hurt in the accident, but later clarified that only the driver of the stolen car was injured. No word has surfaced as to the extent of his injuries and police have yet to release his identity.