Heroic Police Officers Rescue Elderly Woman And Her Dog From Apartment Fire

The heroic police officer who rescued a woman and her dog from a burning apartment building managed to capture the entire feat on his body cam – which officers in Texas’ Bastrop Police Department had only been required to wear for a few weeks.

According to Officer Charles Sanford, dispatch sent out a call about the January 5th blaze, noting that a woman was trapped inside the building and could already see flames. That’s when he sprang into action and became the first responder on the scene.

Sanford was already familiar with the apartment complex and had received word that the victim was using a walker. The harrowing footage shows the officer sprinting up to her window, where several Good Samaritans had just managed to remove the glass pane.

Within moments, Sanford manages to retrieve the woman’s small dog, but thick plumes of smoke make it impossible to see her. He calls out to her attempts to guide her toward his voice, and after a painstaking stretch of time, she finally approaches the window and is hoisted out to safety.

Although he has been hailed as a hero, Sanford believes that he was only doing his job and should receive no special praise.

Authorities stated that the fire was started when the woman fell asleep in her chair while smoking. She was transferred to a nearby burn unit but has since been released in good condition.