Heroic Mechanic Runs Into Traffic To Stop Moving Vehicle

A courageous man from Scranton, Pennsylvania is being celebrated as the “South Side Superhero” after he ran into the middle of a busy street and stopped a moving car with his bare hands before it could cause any harm.

Impressive surveillance footage shows Jeff Labrosky sprinting into the roadway as a white SUV rolls backwards into oncoming traffic. The SUV, which was driven by a pregnant woman, had just been involved in a collision and would not stay in park.

As cars swerve to dodge the out-of-control vehicle, Labrosky uses all of his bodyweight to get it to stop. He eventually succeeds after the car slides about 70 feet.

Labrosky, who owns and operates Labrosky Auto alongside his wife, Lynn, was not in it for the fame or recognition. But Lynn was so proud of her heroic husband that she sent the surveillance video her local news station, from where it began spreading across the country.

According to Jeff Labrosky, though, the real heroes are the policemen and firefighters who respond to these kinds of situations every day.