Heroic Cops Save Man From Burning Car After Hearing Loud Bang

A cop who was in the middle of making a DWI arrest at a car dealership suddenly found himself rescuing a motorist trapped in a life-or-death situation, pinned inside of his car as a stubborn fire began to engulf the engine compartment.

The scary incident took place just outside of Washington D.C., where Charles County Sheriff’s officers were assisting in the arrest of a drunken driver. Suddenly, officers heard the sickening sounds of a car crash less than 1,000 feet away.

Dashcam footage from the night of the accident shows officers racing toward the scene of the accident. There, they were met with by an SUV that had collided with a pole, the driver still trapped inside the wreckage as smoke pours from the engine.

One of the first responders temporarily managed to squelch the blaze as his fellow officers worked desperately to pry the victim’s legs free from under the collapsed dashboard, but they continuously reignited.

After several tense moments, the cops were successful in pulling the victim loose. Another heroic officer then braved the dangerous conditions to check the car for any additional passengers, but there were none.

The driver reportedly suffered multiple injuries as a result of the accident, but none of them were considered life threatening.