“We’re Here To Save You!” Heroic Cops Pull Unconscious Man From Burning Car

A pair of Ohio police officers who worked together to save an incapacitated man from a burning car are being hailed as heroes after body cam footage of their courageous feat has surfaced online.

Officers Brody Fratantonio and Scott Seabolt with the Norton Police Department were the first to arrive at the scene when a bystander reported a flaming vehicle stranded in the middle of the roadway.

There, they discovered that 60-year-old Lowell Sears was unconscious behind the wheel of the car. Fratantonio and Seabolt quickly sprang into action, pushing and pulling Sears from either side of the blazing wreckage in order to get him to safety.

Once they had managed to free Sears from the car, they carried him about 50 feet away, worried that the car would soon explode. As the patrolmen attempted to revive Sears with four doses of Narcan, a loud bang and a flash of light rang out from the car where Sears had been trapped moments earlier.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital, where he confessed to having used both alcohol and cocaine that night. Sears also claimed that he did not remember anything before or during the accident, except for the fact that he was seeing double shortly before blacking out.

Both Fratantonio and Seabolt escaped from their heroic deed unscathed.